Your Happy Valentine's Box

Your Happy Valentine's Box


The countdown's already started.

Sin-title-1What does that mean? That Valentine's Day is getting closer.

I imagine you all want to surprise your partners. And I also imagine that year after year it is becoming more and more difficult.

  Therefore, from Moccasin Workshop, we want to provide a solution as beautiful as practical.

Are you ready? Grab the curves.

The perfect gift for your partner can be a happy little box.

Do you know what it is? Yes, of course you know.

Those little boxes that bring shoes in. And not any shoes, loafers.

Today we bring you different combinations to put you in pairs.

  1. Happy Beckham box. This combination is intended for all those couples who, like the Beckhams, like to dress in a similar way for the events.

And what better way to do it than with these red loafers Ferrari. It is impossible to go unnoticed with them. P1010271-5   He Ferrari

  1. Happy little box for the classics. If you are the idyllic couple, if you are the kings of the classics, you need these moccasins. The beige color is beautiful you look at it where you look, and on some moccasins of plush is sublime; It's the materialization of the classic. In addition, we also have this mini version for the little superheroes of the house. They should also be part of this Valentine's Day, where we celebrate love. There is the classic model and that of tassels.

Grande_beig-Tassels 600_P1030471 -900-A Grande_camel-1

  1. Happy little box for the kings of prints. No classics, your partner breaks with the established, with the traditional… You're modern and innovative. Also, some loyal lovers of prints. Did I hit it? Let me introduce you to these designs.

600_mix-900 600_serpi2 600_ffiji-900  

  1. Happy box opposite poles. The styles I've mentioned don't go with you? Are you opposite poles? Can be hear, opposite poles attract each other. For this type of couples we have happy boxes with moccasins of different colors. Why not?


  1. Happy little box for flirty couples. The Special moccasins – Yes our tasseled moccasins – are designed for those who really feel admiration for clothing. Those who in their day to day convey elegance by the callens of their city, those who have a prominent non-verbal communication.

600_P1040608-902  600_borlones-azul900x600

What do you think?

  No matter what type of couple you are, the important thing is that you have love, happiness, peace...

The important thing is that you feel comfortable to move forward in the way of life.

  What's your little box?   Find these models and many more in you need advice you can get in touch with me at we hope!