Dialogues with my moccasins

You who help me moving around in a simple and comfortable way. You will probably better understand my thoughts:

Why do I feel so cold when we are walking together across this city?

Early in the morning, people starts moving around … and we know that… They overcrowd subways, buses and roads they are going somewhere … They won’t be interfered.


Adjustment Width types: standard, wide or tight:

Moccasin sizes

For people of a given height, we can make an estimate of the length and width of their feet.

However, in real life cases, these estimates are not always accurate. For instance, you can find people with a long and narrow feet, while others could have a short and wide feet. And this is because our anatomy does not follow a predetermined pattern. It is also observed that with age, there is a change in the anatomy of our feet. The human feet tends to expand with age. It is therefore reasonable to make Moccasin in different sizes of length and width.

When in use, the Moccasin tends to adapt to the contours of the feet, while creating a little space between your feet and the fabric.


How do we check our size ?

To measure the size of our foot, we can draw the contour of our foot on paper and measure the distance between the center of the big toe and the middle of the heel as explained on the following link:

Adjustment Width types: standard, wide or tight: As regards the width, if you never had problems, choose the standard type, Or if you know that your instep is broad, choose the wide type. If your foot are fine, choose the thight one. How explains in this following link:

Adjustment Width types: standard, wide or tight:

Adjustment Width types: standard, wide or tight:


Ways to Wear Your Moccasins.

The best way to wear your moccasins is without too many obstacles.

Here is some guidelines:

– If you are used to wearing socks, choose fine ones.

Moccasins look good with jeans, slim trousers or chinos.

Moccasins elongate legs, so they can really help those who are short or less proportionate.

Moccasins give a sense of freedom; they can be worn any time of the day – both indoors and outside – or in any season, especially in the Mediterranean. With laces, tassels or fringes, each option has its purpose but the ultimate goal is comfort.

Choose colors or the combinations of several ones to your own personal taste.

If you often have to wear uncomfortable shoes, it’s always good to find a moment to relieve your feet and leave them free from pressures. If you are about to change your shoes, moccasins are the ideal choice!


Interactive craft: connected to the customer

The key of having an e-commerce is the differentiation, the attention and the possibilities offer to the client that were not before. To deal directly with whom elaborates the product, it is not the same thing that dealing with a reseller. Times are changing. New needs and new habits. New possibilities for the client, who step by step is applying his own criteria of personalized form. Times are changing. The application Flash Custom TallerMocasin: allows the user to personalize his own moccasins, to choose between a large numbers of size (from 18 to 50) and even to choose among three types of width.

Times are changing. Many people have already entered our workshop from the web and they had an interactive walk along the racks thus discovering our colored leather, and details of each model.


The magic of Ibiza is associate with the local magnetism; it is a mixture of variants, which makes it an unique one. The Goddess Tanit, flood of mystery and history, guards the sense of unique and extraordinary thing. Ibiza used to invasions since the ancient times, keeps staying an elixir of different cultures, mixes them in his crucible of the Mediterranean Sun, adding then small touches of Rosemary, Frigola, Juniper and music tecno … we got a surprise mixture that almost captivates all.