How to combine the new XANCLA moccasins.

How to combine the new XANCLA moccasins.

As you can see this model is a very special selection. A very particular product line with a lot of personality that we have launched for our most demanding and exquisite customers.

Already here, you have them available on the web.

Before moving on to the combination of them, let me show you some photographs that perfectly show the technique, design and quality of this handmade shoe:

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Now let's talk about how to combine them:

A moccasin is designed to give a special touch to your day-to-day look. It is clear that some moccasins of this style are not going to go unnoticed. But you have to use them as a weapon in your favor, you have to take them to your land and combine them with everything that feels good.


Autumn dresses are always a success and with this new design more.

Thanks to this combination you will be able to get the most out of the clothes of halftime.

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The best of this look? Comfort, without a doubt.

The autumn dresses are radiant pieces without losing an iota of comfort, just like our new Xancla moccasins.


To get the full potential of the look and highlight the Xancla moccasins, you have to wear them with straight trousers, smooth or leggings.

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Why? Easy, because the moccasin itself already has a lot of personality. You don't have to create a very loaded look if you want to go smart.

Bet on straight shapes and smooth patterns.

It is not the time, nor the place, to put a animalprint in trousers format, for example.


With halftime, it's time to get our first jerseys.

A very successful look could be a smooth knit sweater with a miniskirt and Xancla moccasins. All in warm tones not very striking.

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It turned out easy, didn't it?


Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer