Ibiza is much more than you think

Ibiza is much more than you think

I'm not saying that what you know about Ibiza is not true: This island is so spectacular that it draws the attention of thousands and thousands of tourists throughout the world. People all over the world come here to enjoy life, to live it.


We have wonderful beaches, spectacular coves.

Restaurants that surprise any diner.

A warm climate that hugs you.

A wide range of leisure and entertainment offers. The one who gets bored in Ibiza is because he wants to.

In the journeys of the people who come here, there is something in common. What we like to call the "surprise factor".


All the people who at some point have gone for a walk on the island, end up finding themselves in front with the purest craftsmanship. Here we do not let ourselves be carried away by the monstrous productions in Mass, here we believe in the value of the handmade, in the unique pieces.

Here things are done with love.


And I'm not saying it just for us, for this little Big Loafer Workshop that has been operating for years and years from the island of Ibiza. I say it for everyone. Craftsmanship is on the street because it is part of our culture, our personality. It's our own way of seeing life.


That's why here, in Ibiza, you will find handcrafted jewellery, handmade handbags, handmade tableware, handmade moccasins and everything you can imagine.


I've told you before, Ibiza is much more than you think.

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer