You want to know what the secret of our moccasins is? Stay.

You want to know what the secret of our moccasins is? Stay.

They say no good story starts with a salad. If I am sincere, I do not remember what I ate the days before the creation of Moccasin Workshop.

Nor did he know what Moccasin workshop would become; What we are today.

I remember the turning point in our lives and the desire. I will admit that in this House we are made of a different pasta, we have the inability to ask anyone for work. However, years ago, we were able to turn on ourselves, look at our hands and be more aware than ever of the ability to create that resides in the human being. 900_900-1a We didn't expect anyone to do anything for us having the capacity. There may be the icing on the cake: The secret is that there is no secret. We just wanted to find our niche in the society we belonged to. We started with bits of skin and rivets. From there came handbags, sandals and all kinds of creativity. 900_900-2a Do you remember those years when the sandals (artisans) were completely flat? We soon realized that with those wonderful sandals you could do more things. We throw ourselves in the pool, because we're like that. And we introduced them to a little light wooden wedge. Maybe Orange wood. We worked a lot, really. People had to come to help us to bring that first success. 600_burdeos900

The room where we worked was really small, but it was full of smiles. The state of mind is what determines our state of mind. … And there we were very happy.

Our first moccasin, it was a sandal. It was a hint, an attempt, a "trial-error". We used to go to Majorca for materials, and also knowledge, why deny it. We saw – impressed – everything that could be done with a good production. That's always been good for us, to impress, I mean. 900_900-2a

Jose Luis Perez Aguiar, the captain of this boat, being small, wanted to fix a glass that had been broken, with a hammer, in order to comfort his grandfather. This phrase says nothing and says it all.

Our moccasins have seasonal sales. We have been taught to do things calmly, slowly and well. Unhurried. In spring and summer the Moccasin effect is created, the baby moccasin boom. I will not deny that on more than one occasion I have felt that I could not finish all orders. That I would need an extra life to make your loafers. But the truth is that today we have love, work and a house-workshop in the middle of the field. And that is our definition of happiness. Our biggest failure is not to have managed to stop time. If you got it, call me.     Workshop Moccasin CB José Luis Pérez Aguiar Maria Teresa Garcia Poligono 20 N º 153 Apartado 10018 07819 Jesús/Ibiza/Baleares Phone: 971310415 Fax: 971192913