Who we are

Who we are

Moccasin Workshop is synonymous with handicrafts.  To Maite Garcia and me, José Luís Pérez Aguiar, co-founders, we are moved by the passion of making moccasins. We have a fabulous team that makes it possible for this to work.    To this day we live in two worlds, online and offline. Although many of you are acquainted with our website, we must admit that everything started here in the Ibiza market. PORT OF IBIZA This web page that you are browsing right now is the result of the work done with love. It also gives us the opportunity to approach you, the customers. Here you can buy your moccasins a la carte, choosing at your whim the models, colors and sizes. In order to satisfy your tastes and needs, we have taken another step, we have created this software that allows you to design and personalize your ideal moccasin. And although choose the design with this tool, the moccasins will always be made with our hands. COSTUMIZACION Orders: Experience is knowledge, and carrying on working since 1980 has given us the efficiency necessary to prepare and deliver your moccasins. In all these years we have not lost one iota of our essence: We believe in a personalized customer service and an excellent choice of our materials, in order to achieve a perfect finish. All this makes the shopping experience unique and, on many occasions, you want to repeat. We have the support of a superb transportation service, DHL Express, UPS and post Spain. Our hands, our work tool. Craftsmanship: We make short productions, with interests other than industrialists – we do not believe in mass production. Our involvement in the elaboration is emotional, pure artisan style. If the hands are leaving a trace on everything they touch, the last footprint is the moccasin. Our (your) loafers is no secret: the small details mark the big differences. Materials (leather, plush,… Carefully chosen), the conscious and attentive elaboration makes the moccasin finish unique and unmatched, there are no two pairs of equal loafers.    Pink Personalization. The technology and an excellent and direct communication with the customer, give us the possibility to make all kinds of moccasins: order a la carte

  • Single color: More than 30 colors
  • Size: from 18 to 50
  • Width: standard, baggy or snug.

Good design is important, comfort when walking your way is essential. Personalize the Moccasin imagine the perfect moccasin and make it happen. Choose your favorite color or play with contrasts, view it on your screen and convince that today you will not find anything like, or similar. Our family, our activity, always puts you in the center, the client is the one who chooses. We make it a reality; We passed it from our hands to your feet. Qq Inc

  • Plush: Suede Finish (dull).
  • Skin: Flower Leather finish (with glitter)
  • Fantasy: Snake type. Gold or silver laminates.
  • Lined with veal skin.

Artisanal elaboration: Our moccasins are sewn with our own hands and molded on the last.   Talon-900   We use top quality beef skins from our country, Spain, which gives us the opportunity to make a better selection and control. There are no secrets, just big doses of passion. "A good day we looked in the mirror and we were aware of the ability to create that resides in the human being, today we are the leader company of custom moccasins and artisans in Spain."                                                                                                

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José Luis Pérez Aguiar

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