What loafers do you dance with?

What loafers do you dance with?

Celebrating that it is the International Day of music, this art that has so often made us feel each one of us, we decided to put a little bit of rhythm to this Monday.


Music is music: it is a means of communication, it is one of the most original-and beautiful ways-that we humans have to express our feelings or even to tell stories.

You may be more of classical music, or jazz, that gives more. The important thing is that you never stop dancing.

And for that, we have chosen some moccasins depending on the type of music that escuhes, dances, singing or maybe all at once.

Classical music, flamenco-DALT VILA

If you are a person of customs, traditions and you appreciate the small details, the nuances, this is your ideal moccasin.


Blues-Moccasin with tassels

If you are a sentimental, sensitive, profound person… A person looking for meaning and able to appreciate a good blues song, your moccasin is this, delicate, different, very yours: the Moccasin with tassels.

TMblues TMpompons


If you are a person with rhythm, you let yourself be guided by your intention, which sometimes leaves things to improvisation, but in the end everything goes… Put on some loafers MOVE and nobody stops you.

TMjazz 900_P1090682

Rock-moccasins of deer skin

As much as some people think that moccasins are only for traditional staff, they are not. A well-made moccasin-artisan-squanders quality and comfort, and we all do this, we all deserve the best.


Numerous Rock stars, have appeared publicly with moccasins of this type: moccasins of leather of deer.

House, pop, commercial-colored loafers

If you can not spend more than 24h without music and you are chameleon and you adapt to different styles, we have some moccasins that adapt perfectly to you.

TMsing 600_amar1

Salsa, Reggeton-loafers with bow

The rhythm calls you and you can't stop for more than five minutes. You are a energetic and positive person. These tie-down loafers reflect who you are.

900_z 600_rosa-1-900

In honor of music, art and, of all people, this special day, today we have a petition for you: Dedicate yourself to a dance. When you get home, the office bathroom, in the shower, with your kids, with your pets or just on the balcony.

You deserve it!

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer