We're all in the same fight

We're all in the same fight

We live in an increasingly global world, more connected. We are surrounded by opportunities, dreams, challenges, projects… We're full of life.


And although it is sometimes hard, the truth is that life itself is a divine gift.

In this society so cosmopolitan, so happy, so fast, so sad, so wonderful, so intense, so full… A monster has crept in.

A monster that feeds on every cell of life that resides in us, cancer.

Unfortunately it is a topic that many catch us up close… Who has not crossed with a wrestler in the family, in the group of friends, at work or even in the neighborhood.

They say that every force has an opposite force and it is true. Because on our planet there are scientists, labs, associations and even investors, who are not going to stop until you get your feet.


We all have to step forward, raise awareness, help.

The same opposite force, has created a wave of solidarity capable of collapsing taboos, stereotypes or fears. Today we find people of all ages, nationalities and religions cutting hair and donating to a noble cause. Because at this point we all fight together. We want to keep walking together.

It is not easy to be always at the foot of the canyon, while the International Day against cancer is coming, there are people who fight every day.

As the actress Ingrid Bergman said

"Time is short, but every day I challenge this cancer and survive, it's a victory for me"

Here, at this point, attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference.

They, their families, deserve all the support and respect of the world.


The people who win the battle are not survivors, they are survivors. Because after looking at the monster in the eye, in front of you, you don't waste a second of your life arguing for crap. You live your life. Savor the essence of everything, prioritizing always the real, the authentic, the true.. Everything that unites and builds.

In turn, they teach us to live our lives. Because they are an example of overcoming in every rule.

Today and every day, it's for you. From Moccasin Workshop We applaud every gesture of struggle, of kindness.