This is about you.

This is about you.

As in any other story, we have divided our past into episodes. In them we have walked through wonderful paths full of color, harmony and bonanza. We have been barefoot to enjoy a walk in the sand on the beaches of Ibiza because we had the opportunity to devote ourselves to what makes us vibrate.


Choose a job that you like and you will not work a single day of your life.

It's not true. By choosing a job you like you work even more. You put the necessary and unnecessary hours as well. Because you believe in yourself and a way to make it a little better.

But we are not going to deceive, not everything has been a way of roses.

We've had to work overtime and sweat the big drop to get this ship afloat, this family business.

To stay here, to stay with you.

Today, dear readers, we walk on a rope as thin as it is fragile. We do acrobatics-unimaginable so far-to get to the next port. In this delicate way, we see people watching us, as if waiting for any wind that will lose our balance.

In this story, in this chapter precisely, we are surrounded by giants, monsters. Against which it is impossible to fight.

Before there were no Zaras on every avenue.

Or Amazon banners on every web page.

Not to mention the continued visits of the Hacienda. TOC TOC.

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It's hard. I really don't think it's ever been easy. But there is something-better said, someone-that makes the whole context lose value and that makes our existence regain all the sense.

That someone is you.

It's wonderful to stay here with you. And thanks to you.

See how Repetís orders draws smiles on our face.

See how you dare with the Move model, makes us vibrate.

Receiving messages about how you feel with the moccasins, motivates us to follow.

From Moccasin Workshop We thank you once again. You know that the doors of our house are always open to you. For you.


Haizea de Pedro-Creative writer