The proof of happiness in your shoes

The proof of happiness in your shoes

Walkers, make yourselves comfortable and bring your coffee or tea. The conversation begins. Tell me, who has not found old photos and has stayed hours and hours in front of them? And no, I don't mean just the wedding pictures. For some mysterious reason, we yearn for bygone times and we are amazed to bring our past to our present. Really the reason is not so mysterious, we simply do not know how to value our present. Or not enough.

Any past time was better?

I'm sorry Jorge Manrique, I do not buy that argument. The present is cool, because in the present we have things that make us happy. Yes, you read well, I said things. People, too, obviously. But why deny that material things also make us happy? Actually, it's a fact. By saying-or writing-that, many times we take back a "you are a materialistic" and nothing farther from reality. Maybe it's a book, a surfboard, a paintbrush, a violin, or the tools of gardening and DIY. What's the difference?

With clothes–with our shoes–more of the same.


Doesn't a sheepskin sweater make you happy in the middle of winter? Cute heels on Saturday night? An American who seems to tailor the first day of work? A Ferrari red moccasins that give a touch of color to your li600_P1030500-2fe? "If we use a zaparos that cheer our sight, lead us to a more promising future" and I do not say it, writes Marie Kondo with a bestseller behind her back. It is so true that we sometimes create attachments to our material objects. Some are pretty, but not all of them. Sometimes, as in making the wardrobe change, I feel suffering Diogenes syndrome. If one day this becomes fashionable in case Adelgazo if I have another baby in case they return the temperatures of the archaic era… Come on, we know it's not going to happen. And yet… am I the only one who happens to him? This is over. The Japanese, before the beginning of the year, do a general cleaning, and it is a custom that we should take. It is time to put everything in order; I propose to start the year in harmony with our home and not, with our wardrobe. How? Making the test of happiness – not the cotton test. Immerse yourself in the corners of your house, yes, even in those where you have been without stepping on for years. Take it all out and start making the decision what's going to happen to all that. It's not about choosing what we throw away, but what makes us happy to keep it. Take all the stuff. Take them for real. Feel them. And listen to your body's reactions does it make you happy? Is it light? Do your pupils dilate when you see it? Or on the contrary, does it get heavier? Voila. You have your answer. I want to underline the importance of this exercise. It is very necessary to keep what makes us happy, but also to leave room for the good, the best, what will 600_candi-Con-turquesarectocome,… On many occasions we keep things to catch dust. Wow. It is completely stupid and irrational; They are no longer occupying a site (as well), but they also serve to store dust, mites and sometimes even spider webs. You want that in your house? Me neither. Let's get to work.  The best is coming.

Haizea de Pedro

Creative Writer/Copywriter