The colors that make the rules

The colors that make the rules

You may never have stopped to think coldly about them, the colors, but the truth is that our life is influenced by them.

Or not?

There are days when our dress is dominated by black and days when we feel very red passion.

The fact is that the big brands, advertising, shopping centers and even every small business choose in some way the next garments that we will buy.

It is they – and we – who mark the guidelines. The ones that put color to life.

I do not want to exaggerate, nor should be dazzled by this huge commercial machinery… But when the ideas are really good, and you get to vibrate at the same level, it's no other getting on the boat of trends.

That the colors are acquiring a new dimension is a fact. Now we dare more, we live longer.

In the fashion city, here in Paris, we see women with orange and blue lips every day. Fashion that has already reached Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Laura scans, wife of Risto Mejide, model and influencer, shows it in his last photos. Here you have them.

IMG-2010 IMG-2011

The fact is that the colors of this season have arrived and have come to stay. We start with the presentations.


  • Pink stick or pink pastel900_rosa


  • Azure Blue and a more intense blue

  • Orange in its purest version

  • Mustard yellow, very peculiar, very accomplished


  • Intense mint green.


What do you think?

For us they are a full-fledged success.

Therefore, today we want to announce that all these colors are already in Moccasin workshop. And if any is missing, don't worry, you will soon enter through the big door of our workshop.

In addition, we are convinced that as he enters the workshop (and we give him form), he will go to your homes.

After these presentations, after the informative bombshell, we believe that the time has come to confess what the colors mean to us.

As you know in this workshop we work with colors every day. And maybe that's why we can't summarize our shades to simple Pantone references.

A reference is nothing more than that, a number, an identifier.

While for us the colors are emotions, moods.

The color melts with the texture and creates a unique piece. Nothing has to do with a red tone in plush than in plastic, for example.

Will you understand us?

Colors are important; Materials and textures as well.

The finishes of some moccasins, with those textures so soft, so unique, are like works of art for us.

As the painter who takes a blank canvas and paints a painting,

More than a moccasin.

The colors change according to the textures, the materials, our mood and the light, we do not have the slightest doubt about it.

We also believe that every spring has a special color, and for this one that is about to arrive we have positive vibrations. The colors are already chosen, they are already on the table. The interpretation you make each one of you on them will be intuitively and even I dare say that imaginative.

We admit that giving people what they want is not an easy task, for many years of experience that we carry on our backs, every year we have to work a little harder.

But we trust our instincts, because so far it has worked. When it comes to investing in materials and work, intuition and emotion are important.

There are colors that have been accompanying us for a long time, such as navy blue, beige, brown or camel tone. These colors are synonymous with moccasin. And not an ordinary moccasin, but a classic, elegant moccasin.

We are not the only ones to do this, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Tods, have been playing with their colors for years.

There are brands that have even owned of certain colors do not you believe? What about a Chanel red? I tell you, unmatched.

The last thing we want to confess is that… We know that not all of our customers are lucky enough to buy their pieces in the Ibiza market. So before we sell anything online, we like to go buy the materials in person.

I like to admire them, touch them, and even squeeze them to see what shapes they acquire. I have to be able to smell the skin. And after this test, if my senses have felt pleased, I give way to the creation of pieces that in a matter of days will travel the world.

We do not produce in mass… As a painter I believe that each work is unique. I have to feel my job so I can do it right.

Great Power carries a great responsibility.