Surprise the people you WANT

Surprise the people you WANT

It is not a secret that we all like to receive gifts. This feeling of feeling loved, pampered, appreciated, valued… I don't know, just like it. But there's still something better. Do. Because when you make a gift, you seek to make a person happy; You think of that person, in their routines, their tastes… In everything that could paint a smile on his face. And that smile, it's priceless. Because he or she is not anybody. Once I was told that the merit lies in the person who gives and not in which is praised with something. And there is some reason in all this. There are all kinds of gifts; Clothing, perfumes, travel or crafts. They all have the same value. c2505a5fc93c6db3b8ec53181bbe7edf Another fact is that we live in a global and international world. Traveled. We're moving away. Back. And so constantly. In short, we fly higher and farther. Therefore, many times we can not stand at the door of the person we want and give the gift, looking into the eyes and appreciating his smile. fb93d454fb87c3d5654dbf26d56e07c2 But technology-once again-is able to lend a hand. From Taller, we have thought about these situations that… Pass. If you want to give away a – good – pair of loafers, and the distance prevents you, do it through our gift vouchers. A simple way of delighting that person you feel close to, but maybe something far away. What better than giving away some loafers?  For women, for men, for children.. You will accompany that person at every step. 900_P1010516 Okay, that's right, you won't be able to appreciate his smile. But you will imagine it, because you know that when you receive the email, it will. And this time it will touch smile to a screen, but smile that is the important thing. It may be an anniversary, a birthday, a greeting… Or just a San we want, so we call it here. Because you don't need any special reason to make someone happy. We explain how to do it step by step

  1. Enter
  2. Click on the "Gift Card" section – you will find it in the menu on the left side.
  3. Then choose the amount of the gift (you will find several options)
  4. Fill in the required fields on the recipient (full name and email address)
  5. To complete the process, we give the option to write a small text that the recipient will receive in his email.

  Voila! With this simple process you can brighten up the day-and the rest of the spring-to a person. In this other post (link) you will find the ideal moccasin depending on the personality of the person. Ready? Started?

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer