Summer looks for men

Summer looks for men

The summer, and the holidays, are just around the corner. Therefore, it is time to choose the looks that we will look at the beach bar. If we leave it for the last minute, we may be aware that we are missing something in the suitcase.

Wouldn't that be the first time, right? 😉

Whether you are going on vacation with your family, your partner or your friends, you need to prepare the summer looks.

Here's the first one:

In this first look for men, we have not wanted to risk much. The set is created by a beige trousers and a sky blue T-shirt. The truth is that this color is very successful for the summer.

The look we have put a pair of socks with three different shades. We have talked more than once, that more and more moccasins are used with striking socks.

The moccasins we have chosen for this look are the same tone as the shirt: a blue sky gray very nice.

55C744EF-EC24-46E4-A2CF-DE02603CD75A 600_candi-2a

In the look number two we find a smooth bermuda of a dark blue tone very successful for the summer and very flattering for men.

At the top we find a T-shirt with a gradient that starts in white at the bottom and ends in grey at the top. In addition, the pocket on the left side is highlighted by its dark hue.

To this look we have added some white moccasins that make a difference.

64C51A9E-AD92-4D6C-A41C-CA3820470EF9 600_blanco-ciervo4bonito

Look Number three:

This look is much more summery than the previous ones. It is a look to dress up in the hotel or even on the beach:

It consists of a blue and white striped swimsuit and a worn red pole. The whole we have put the final icing with the moccasins. These are of a very clearly brown-beige tone that makes a perfect harmony along with the worn red and blue.

The style is pulling classic and elegant and not juvenile.

FCDA3EA4-8C8A-4F05-A62C-6AADD4840302 600_DSC03357-2

The last look, is a man-made look composed of a striped T-shirt (fatter than in the previous look) and a blue clearly and green swimsuit with leaf print.

This summer and youthful look can't be.

In this look we have opted for the Blue Moccasins to match the T-shirt.

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Well? What's your style?

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Haizea de Pedro

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