Social networks enhance handicrafts

Social networks enhance handicrafts

22Has read well, the social networks enhance the craftsmanship. What truth?

How is it possible that technology brings back what man has been doing for so many years, but that, one way or another, has been lost?


As you know social networks, like everything else in life, have evolved. Have done at a dizzying pace have you noticed? Me neither. I didn't even see it coming.

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Now both from Facebook and from Instagram we can shop in a couple of clicks. Social networks in general, have also become market places, in flea markets.

This change has greatly facilitated the process: you used to need big business models and digital structures to be able to sell on the Internet.


Now just make a detailed product catalog and upload it to Facebook Business.

What is the consequence? That more and more people are launching to sell their handmade creations in the online world.


It's a change, a step forward.

As well as personalised clothing. Before big corporations like Inditex, they made a garment, they put it in fashion and all the people were equal.

Now people are looking for distinction, exclusivity. People ask for tools to be able to personalize their garments, to be themselves the designers. So I'm sure they'll be happy with the result.

In Moccasin Workshop, we have been listening to our clients for years, satisfying all their needs. So, one day, we got to work and created a platform where you can design your own loafers.

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Haven't you tried it yet?

What are you waiting for?

You imagine it, you design it and our hands create it for you.

Thank you for trusting us once again!