Our island, our home

Our island, our home

That's right, our moccasins cross the seas and the borders every day, and we love it that way. May there be happy passers-by on the streets of London, Paris or Tokyo. But today we want to show you our little island and open the door to our House. If you ever walk to this place, you will find ports, calanques, markets, restaurants… Probably, a pleasant temperature will accompany you day and night.

11 It is during the dark nights that one enjoys a blanket of stars above our heads, because, unlike Madrid or Barcelona, here the light pollution is much weaker.

Ibiza is peace; This paradise on Earth is elected by many people for their holidays. And our, style, the "Ibicenco", is recognized globally. More than just a style, it's an attitude reflected in fashion. 12 Our cultural and natural blend has convinced UNESCO to grant us the title of the world heritage.

chance? I don't think so.

Here you will find a variety of calanques where you lose. Not in the water, of course, it is crystalline. There are also internationally recognized bars, clubs, restaurants and nightclubs. What for? Because enjoying life is important. And it's also where it all started, the epicentre of our family, our history, our moccasins. every. Ibiza.