Our #Bestsellers

Our #Bestsellers

Good morning dear readers, once again, here we are sharing with you all relevant information about the Moccasin world. We thought it would be interesting to bring to light our…


* Top Sellers

The truth is that, although in our social networks we put pictures of all our models-it is normal, we want them all equally-there are some that make the difference. I mean, there are certain moccasins that are very much in demand for you, the ones behind the screen. Whether it's winter or summer, you ask for it through the web. The truth is that there are moccasins that never happen in fashion. When something starts to be part of our day to day it's hard to live without it, right?

We live with moccasins stuck to our feet! 😀

I said, here we leave a list of the best selling moccasins;) TOP ONE of our ranking is led by the Báico man in what color?  You'll be wondering. A classic is a classic.. It's the navy blue Moccasin you're asking for. Blue (9) But he's not the only one! The ranking follows a range of Browns: Camel, dark brown, beige… 540-900-1 Camel Beaver-Grande1 DSC03357-2 After these models, we entered a battle of colors: some you prefered by the oranges while others by the Bordeaux, passing through the fuchsia, green, grey… Bordeaux-+ 900 Yellow-Anaranjado10 Grande_coral-Y-oro That yes, they all have a common denominator that likes and hooks, the plush. It is the design, the touch, the colors and that superior quality that make the moccasin a wardrobe piece so prominent. As you know, we work daily designs, materials, colors… And soon, very soon, there may be news. Who knows if they will become the new #bestsellers. Be attentive to our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) @TallerMocasin/#TallerMocasin a pleasure to be with you one more day, see you on the networks:)

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer