Knock tock!! How are you?

 The truth is that things have changed a little since the last time we passed through here.

The moccasin of the month we have to thank you for the good reception and acceptance that has had our latest creation, this fringe moccasin, better known as Move.

The truth is that all have coincided in opinion: claim that walking the movement of the Moccasin makes the ride, that your steps, are more joyful.


Women's Moccasin Move-Camel

And having gotten that is what makes us happy!

At the Ibiza Workshop

The good weather has finally come. They say the good thing keeps waiting. If really the Spanish proverbs is right, wonderful things await us, because the wait has been considerable.

That means three things:

The first is that the older people have already opened the season to go out to the fresh one to talk at night.

The second is that we finally started with the summer menus: salads, juices, fruits, ice creams,… Leaving for the coming winter the mashes.

And the third-and most important-is that the moccasins have come to stay.


Our team of artisans is already warming up in the band to start this new season.


That each one has a unique style is undeniable. Even so, from Moccasin workshop we want to be your inspiration, so, week after week, we bring looks that could go as a ring to the finger with your moccasins.

Here you have: how to dress moccasins if you are a man summer 2018-Dresses for women and moccasins


That's all for today.

How's Your life?

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Haizea de Pedro-Creative writer