Moccasins WITH or WITHOUT socks?

Moccasins WITH or WITHOUT socks?

Good morning to equate them!! And happy Monday thanks for being once again behind the screen reading all the novelties of today… Today I have a very large existential doubt. Trends revolutionize the world of fashion every 6 months. And sometimes, on many occasions, they pass the limits. My question, my existential doubt is the following: Moccasins WITH or WITHOUT socks? I personally believe that this decision is inherited from parents to children. If your mother was wearing socks, you'd probably do it too. The thing is, I use socks, YES. But those you don't see. They have less fabric than a headband, but they are perfect for wearing moccasins in a comfortable way. Invisible Socks I repeat, p e R S o n a l m e N T E. The fact is that fashion magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, television and any other existing media, is teaching me constantly shoes with all kinds of socks. And I wanted to know your opinion. Yes or no to the sockMILAN FASHION WEEK SS14?20efcb9c9aa8f2752c40d0d810122e24 448689ccd9bcaf5562f8bcd3c7990e65 baccd6edb78e24e01c9b07df677f8119 So far, so good, right? Well, the fact is that the new trend of the fashion world is…. FISHNET STOCKINGS! Yes, you've read well. That kind of socks come back. Its function is fully "aesthetic" because an average thus does not heat or protect or NA. 52992d878fd7081a93c58bbea3a9c36a 1610279c8d1de886c07aff2e48cc6d9e cf4835b8e2016eadb026dbeb4fe1cbbe Appropriate or not, let me quote a phrase from one of the most recognized writers, Oscar Wilde. "After all, what is fashion? From an artistic point of view a form of ugliness so intolerable that we are obliged to change it every six months. " Voila! How comfortable the man was after this assertion. Is it true what he says? Are you a fan of grid stockings? Is it possible to ponerselas with Moccasins? Or are they reserved for another type of shoe? Here I continue with my #ReflexionesConMocasines you can share with us all your opinions, and why not, sets Utiliando the hashtag (wearing socks or not, it's up to you);)


And if you want to see all our models (without socks) we hope in

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