Moccasins. Colors and contrasts

Moccasins. Colors and contrasts

Good morning pedestrians and happy Monday to all, we have confessed on more than one occasion that daily we strive to make unique and unrepeatable designs. For this we have the best materials: Different types of leather, leather,…

But that's not all, that's not enough.

No matter how good the material is, you have to make a careful choice with the colors. And then start playing with the contrasts. The fashion goes from that, a constant evolution in materials, textures, colors and shapes.

Today we want to show you part of our work.

You know that on our website you can find all the classics you want: Black Moccasins, blue sea moccasins, beige moccasins,. In addition, we have a wide variety of colors and contrasts. Are you ready?

This is our green pistachio moccasin.

Plush pistachio Nice, isn't itIMG-1142? As you can see in the next photo, in it we find different shades. The main ones are the green pistachio and the chocolate Barron, being more specific, the color 2439 or Bridge uncoated on the Pantone scale. Here you have the references. IMG-1143 IMG-1249 It is another moccasin, it is a grey moccasin clearly with tassels. IMG-1145 On this occasion, to make the contrast, we have opted for a grey clearly with a lot of personality. The 2473 C Formula Guide Solid Coated of the Pantone scale. On this occasion we have also opted for Brown. IMG-1146 IMG-1147 As I said before, besides all the classic moccasins, we have moccasins that are true works of art. Like this one I show you next.   The contrast is clear, we have mixed a rose (and not any, the pink HONEYSUCKLE, 18-2120 TCX), with a dark blue not very dull (the color 3524 UP Color Bridge uncoated). IMG-1148 IMG-1149 IMG-1150 In this other model, a woman's moccasin with drawstring, the contrast is found in her lasso. 900_z IMG-1151 All its surface is pink stick (3519 C), while in its loop we find shades beige, blue and brown). IMG-1152 IMG-1153 Spectacular, isn't it?   And finally we bring you the jewel of the crown. This moccasin plays with different shades and very different between them. But the combination is so perfect and accurate that the result is unmatched. 900_marinoy-Green-trenzado900-7 The Moccasin with drawstring, is green forest and navy blue (green 2459 C and blue 3524 CP respectively). In addition, in its loop we find a loop of begies tones, blue and brown. IMG-1154 IMG-1155 IMG-1156   Yes, it is possible to make clothes an art. We've shown it.   These are our combinations, but as you know you can do your own using our personalization software, IMAGINE.   Are you ready? Share them with us in your social networks #Tallermocasin @taller_mocasin for any questions, I am at your disposal, a hug from the whole team and until next week.

Haizea de Pedro

Creative Writer/Copywriter