Looks for kids

Looks for kids

Today it's time to check the closet of the little ones in the house, our little superheroes.

They grow at the speed of light, don't they?

We better be attentive, not going to be that overnight grow and open the closet we find nothing to put them… really!

Since you were born you have dumped your life in it or in it, you like to feel good, to be happy, to look good.. You want.

They say that you learn to love yourself from a very small-or should. The same goes for the initiative, the leadership,… Since they are small you have to leave them free, even if it costs.

Beige moccasin with drawstring, brown details.

If you want your little one to look good and feel comfortable, you have to provide a good moccasin to accompany you at every step. A good moccasin racing-proof, stumbles and all kinds of adventures…

As our mothers told us, a cheap product ends up being expensive. It's the same with the loafers.

Today we bring you looks that meet the expectations of all mothers. Enjoy.

All the little have a special beauty. A beauty that comes from his innocence, that half-smile and those eyes of wonder. And, of all, a pink moccasins stick. Not any, the tassel moccasins.

Look 1 Child

When you think that there is no color as pretty as the pink stick for kids, you see this other sky blue moccasin and you change your mind.

Look 2 Child

This moccasin (and look in general) reflects the freshness and clarity of a girl, is consistent with it. Plus, you'll feel comfortable and safe.

This look plays with a different palette, and still, just as successful for the kids. You don't know what to put in for that family meal? For your cousin's christening? For the first day of school? Here's the answer to all your doubts.

Look 3 Child

And finally we have the classic look for all the little men. Thanks to this outfit, your son will look good, you'll see him well. It will take each step safely, with a navy blue moccasin.   

Look 4 Child

What is the ideal moccasin for your child? You got that straight?

Wait, we'll show them to you again.

Baby Moccasin Pink stick with tassels

668_Rosa-sauve1 Children's kids with beige tassels900_beig-Tassels-a

Children's navy Moccas900_marino-Ninoin for baby blue sky with bow900_P1100980-900

Thank you for being here one more day!

Next week more and better.

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer