In search of inspiration, Marrakech.

In search of inspiration, Marrakech.

April 21, we close suitcases and hours later we landed in Marrakech, one of the great cities of Morocco.

The weather is spectacular and the food completely different. Not to mention culture and religion.

If I had to choose only one thing I would certainly be left with the colors that embrace the city in every corner.


But we are not going to get carried away by all those distractions (although we will stop for tea).

The objective is clear and is present at all times:

We must delve into every corner of every market in this city, making a special emphasis on the Market Souk of the Medina. This is where we will find a world full of craftsmanship and life.


There are all the materials with their unique touch, their contrasts, their smells…

That's where hundreds of people create handbags, shoes, jackets… In the most pure, traditional and artisanal way.

They say that Africa is a developing country, and in some essential respects it is so.

But let's face it:

It is one of the few countries that is not contaminated with synthetics.

That is why we have moved there, because we know that you prefer-and want-good materials along with good designs.

Here you can see the reality of which I speak.


A shame that the temperature and smells do not travel in the photos.

With all this material, they do wonders, unique and artisanal specimens.

Inimitable pieces.

IMG_1557-min 38ceacb4-57c1-45f4-a165-6c131447ee60

It is true, the footwear that takes there tends more to an espadrille than to a moccasin.

As in every country, we find more empowered and international areas.

Our surprise was that in those neighborhoods, their classic espadrilles had evolved to become a moccasin.


What shapes! What a Finish!

They were not bad at all compared to the other shoes we had been seeing all week. A great leap of quality.

It was a very pleasant way to end that week, it left a sweet taste in our mouth.


But like everything in life, the end came. We had to close our bags and land this time in Paris.

We're back with a notebook full of notes and stories and the gut fatter of couscous.

We have returned with charged batteries to continue offering the best designs and the best materials.

All this happens

At the epicenter of this moccasin universe

In our family workshop

On the island of Ibiza.

For you.


Haizea de Pedro

Creative Director