How to dress the moccasins if you're a MAN

How to dress the moccasins if you're a MAN

Beige Pants and blue shirt

This is probably one of the most used looks for moccasins. A timeless classic. As elegant as it is attractive in a man.

To create a look so we recommend these Brown moccasins:

Shirt-of-dress-trousers-Chinese-pacasin-large-10406Basic Man Moccasin-dark brown plush *

Another very used look with Moccasins is the suit:

For a look like this, loafers like these would go like a ring to your finger.


Basic man Moccasin-black plushWith sweaters of point and color

As simple as that. This is how you get a very casual and urban look.

For a look so we recommend these loafers:

Jersey-with-neck-circular-blue-jeans-worn-blue-brown-leather-en-marron-dark-large-6295Men's moccasin with tassels-plush walnut tassels * *

Total Black

For those days when you want to go elegant and do not feel like daring with anything, or start to join colors.

Our moccasins keep their shape and color for a long time.

The secret? There's no secret, there are good materials.

Here you have our black moccasins:

d4190863bc363468ceda05b7d8d523b0Basic man Moccasin-black plush    

With jeans

Moccasins are one of the most widely used footwear in the world. Of course, they're day-to-day shoes.

So, what better way to combine them than with jeans?

Yes, to break a little with the look so basic, we propose to introduce a little color in your shoes.

Here are our colored moccasins:T-shirt-with-neck-circular-white-trousers-Chinese-blue-navy-yellow-large-613

Basic man's moccasin-plush red Ferrari

With shorts

A moccasin you can wear it as and when you want. But it is true that they go very very well with shorts. In those hot spring/summer days, they may be your only safe bet.



And last but not least…

Moccasins with jeans and American

This is such a casual and urban look. You'll look good and look good.

Besides going comfortable.

Our proposal for a look like this is:

Blazer-T-shirt-with-neck-in-v-jeans-large-3349Basic man moccasin-Plush blue Candi

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Haizea de Pedro-Copywriter