Hit your gift, DALT VILA.

Hit your gift, DALT VILA.

When you want to hit the loafers, always come to him.

We're in the middle of changing the wardrobe. The Veroño comes to an end and we have to start taking jackets and coats. Therefore, taking advantage of Christmas gifts, we can facilitate the task to a friend or family, giving that pair of new moccasins you need.

The fact is that in many occasions, not to say all, the change of wardrobe becomes a renovation of wardrobe. Or not?

Both clothes and footwear wear out over time and we are forced to buy new specimens.

If you also find yourself at that point or you know someone who has passed, calm, today we bring you some moccasins with which you hit safe.

The model is called DALT VILA.

The design follows the same pattern as the classic moccasin. But with certain peculiarities; This model has a double sole.

It is perfect for people with a high life rhythm, or even for those who want to buy some loafers that last.

In this article we want to show you 3 different colors of this model of double sole, DALT VILA.

On the one hand there is the king of the Classics, the navy blue Moccasin. 900_azul-Luz-1AA 600_azul2a As you can see in the photographs the main material is the plush. Its finish makes it as nice as comfortable.

It is easy to combine and is always ideal with jeans.

The second color is this particular shade of beige.

This moccasin stands out for the elegance it conveys.

900_beige1 600_beige 0

As you can see in the photos we still talk about the same material, the plush. I would dress a moccasin like this in a slightly more elegant situation.

His idyllic combination would include beige trousers and a white shirt.

Finally we find this tone between the brown and the grey. This moccasin is a full-fledged success. We are starting from the basis that both the material and the finish are very good. Besides, the color goes into the standards of the classics.

What does this mean?

If you want you can wear it daily with different sets. 600_P1020215 [1] 31 900_P1020215 [1] 900

Voila. You know them as well as we do.

What's your favorite?

It's not worth choosing the three;)

You know that to find all our models just go to our Home, www.tallermocasin.com

A pleasure to be with you one more Tuesday. For more info haizeadepedro@tallermocasin.com See you on the nets! Haizea de Pedro redactor Creativa/Copywriter