Handicrafts in the digital world

Handicrafts in the digital world

As is well known, craftsmanship is the art of creating products with our own hands. The human being is extraordinary and although over the years the processes of mass production have evolved and innovated, the truth is that he has never turned his back on handicrafts.

Why is that?

Child with tassels-plush pistachio

Maybe it's because what a person gets, can't get a machine. The latter will be more pioneering or sometimes accurate, but a machine will never be able to do things with love.

Will never make shoes with love

He'll never make handbags with love

Will never make dresses with love

Because the machine does not reside that feeling. Well, not that or any other. It's a machine. 

On the contrary, the machine may have been created with love, because the human being who built it is probably a passionate engineer.

When a person does something with his or her own hands, he is able to feel the product. It puts effort and dedication, in addition to its time, a very precious time. Behind that product there will be a person, a face, a story, a place, the company of the person who builds it,… A context that will make sense of everything.

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All of this has an incalculable value, or at least incomparable to mass production.

Maybe that's why today there is so much DIY tutorial (Do It Yourself).

But what does the internet look like in all this?

A lot, actually. As everything in life has its good side and its less good side: we all know that one of the opportunities that Internet brings is connections. We can connect people from end to end of the world.

Worldwide connection and visibility. Years ago this would not even have been a dream.Man Dalt Vila-Ante dark brown D.V.

It is a pleasure to connect with you in a "simple" way, and if I write it in quotes is because to carry an e-commerce, a blog and social networks can be many things, but not simple.

The B-side (depends on how you look at it can be something good or something bad) is that everyone can do it. Let me explain: we live in a free world and we think it's great that people undertake in the digital world. But the truth is that even people without a company, statutes, without paying taxes, and without NA, can be put to sell on the Internet through different platforms (and believe me that they do).  Which is a very big inconvenience for those of us who pay our taxes.

We have to maneuver and juggle in order to compete in a market so saturated and continue differentiating year after years of all of them.

It's not easy to survive when you fight the Inditex monster, for example, Amancioland is everywhere.  

You know what? We believe that today is a fantastic moment to make this confession:

We are very proud of you.

You who prefer both the good materials and our artisan work, that you know us, that repetís and that, in the end, you have become part of this family.

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Thank you!!

Crafts in the digital world can be chaos, but you make sense of everything.

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer