GREAT Ideas!

GREAT Ideas!

Today we come with two wardrobe proposals: on the one hand, we bring a very feminine look. Look basic and turn elegant. There are days when you get up knowing that you will dress in black, and is that as you hear among the designers, women who wear black are those who lead colorful lives.

"Woman who wears black lead colorful Lives" – Neiman Marcus.

Feminine look The look brings, on the one hand, a black dress, nothing snug, carefree, urban… But without losing the elegance. On the other, some black, Chinese trousers, a tad loose, along with a tight shirt with bare shoulders. A tendency that has entered a strong step and that leaves to the light the femininity and the sensuality of the woman, without reaching the limits of the excessive. All the garments come from the hand of in it, we have introduced the passion in the form of Ferrari Red Moccasin. There are certain details in the clothing of every woman, who make a safe and vital in her day to day. These moccasins are proof of it, because when you walk, they make you be straight, showing a spelt figure. It is not enough that the clothing is ideal in itself, you have to know how to wear it. And with these red moccasins Ferrari, does not strike a woman who walks taciturn. To put the icing on this last look, we have introduced an essential piece in the makeup case of every woman. The well-known Chanel red lipstick. Studies have shown that a woman with red lips smiles more. Chance? I don't think so. Looks perfect for the day to day, work meetings and how not, for the glass of white wine of later in couple or between friends. On the other hand, we bring a man look. A classic in every rule. There is no body or person who resists this outfit with so much personality. Men's Look It is made up of straight trousers, of a clearly beige color. At the top a white shirt, straight, smooth, perfect with any type of American. If keep the look like that, it wouldn't be bad. But to get the most out of it, you have to introduce that navy blue. That color that you naturally like. Both the American and the moccasins, go in pure concordance and harmony. In this case we have also extracted the garments of the brand ZARA-known textile brand of Spanish origin. This look like the previous one is an urban look, classic, elegant and very striking for women. Because it proves that men are also able to get the most out of their closet and combine. You may use it for work or it may even be a Sunday outfit, why not. What is certain is that you will take advantage of both the moccasins and the American. Basic closet of every man.   And you? How did you see your moccasins? Send us your looks or Etiquétanos in @tallermocasin

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer, TallerMocasín