F E L I Z A Ñ O N U E V O!!

F E L I Z A Ñ O N U E V O!!

It's official, welcome to 2018. After the Last Supper of the year and the 12 grapes from the door of the sun, officially we have entered fully in 2018. We expect twelve months of purpose, new challenges, experiences, work and a lot of happiness. The beginning of the year is always a small turning point in our lives why? We are more ourselves than ever; We dream more.

This year I will take the car license I will launch my new project learn English

When we dream of our idyllic lives, we are purer than ever, because no one is deceived in a dream. So, today January 1, is a perfect day to take a blank folio, write our goal and so materialize.

We may stick it in our mirror or we may keep it on the bedside table, but let's have always present.

From our small island we send boxes of happiness to the whole world and our purpose for this 2018, is to take care of this family of pedestrians that we are creating.

You're part of our purpose, thanks for being there.

We will continue to work to send the moccasins of our hands to your feet.

Remember that on our website, www.tallermocasin.com can find gift cards for your friends and family.

Happy year 2018 to you and yours. We're in touch, a hug,

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