Clothes and personality. Let's look in the mirror.

Clothes and personality. Let's look in the mirror.

I had long wanted to write on this subject, I think someone should do it.

In the 21ST century, clothing has become a way of expressing, communicating.

It is clear that now people dare much more than before, or maybe because now we find more variety, more styles.

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For a few years if you like skateboards, skates, bicycles,… And the urban tribes in general, you wear vans. If you like punk more, you'll be wearing a DC Martens… And so on.

There are certain clothing related to behaviors that are not the fruit of chance, on the contrary. Times Magazine has demonstrated the following statements:

Wearing red you look more passionate, you call more attention.

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Seeing glasses make you smarter, but less attractive.

Office clothes are serious.

Excessively low-cut and expensive clothing conveys a clear narcissism.

But what about the people you saw loafers? Good question, here I wanted to arrive.

People who dress moccasins, can be very different between them (they can dress, either suits, or poles to go to the beach), the fan is very wide because the moccasin is very versatile.

However, all of them are going to have certain aspects in common: the person who wears a moccasin is an elegant person with a firm step.

As I said, there are moccasins and moccasins, but those who choose Moccasin Workshop moccasins do not look for anything: they seek the best. They want the elegance that gives them a moccasin next to the comfort that can only provide the best materials and the most sophisticated techniques of craftsmanship.


You can't give them cats for a hare.

The person who saw a good moccasin, knows what he wants and here it is.

Moccasin Workshop, from our hands at your feet.

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer