Autumn, the best season of the year.

Autumn, the best season of the year.

I wonder how there can be people who still hate autumn: by far it's the best season of the year.


Autumn we get rid of all that is unnecessary, and what at first can produce some nostalgia, in the long run to all gives us harmony and tranquility.

Why? Because it balances our environment and we with it. We harmonize the forces between night and day, we are not subjected to high temperatures, we can breathe better…

And what to say about the flora that surrounds us: this is capable of reveling in authentic sensory miracles year after year.

Colors acquire new dimensions, shapes change, evolve. Movement, change, is present at every step. The trees, without going any farther to create fascinating rains of leaves.


It's vintage, bonanza and harvest time.

And even if the light is somewhat dimmer, even that can be appreciated.

Who doesn't like to snuggle up on the couch and watch one episode after another from Netflix? The Summer adventures are fine, but in the hotels and hostels we visited we did not find the pleasure, the real pleasure, of a home.


In autumn has become OT and all the programs and series of the radio and the television. And we still have ahead dates like Halloween or Black Friday. American, I know. But they like.

Food and drink are much appreciated, who can refuse a warm coffee? A tea? A chocolate?


One of the things I like the most about autumn are the jerseys: a sweater as nice as it is warm is able to brighten up anyone's day.

The look of the day to day is formed with the sweater, the jeans or the leggings and the moccasins. Because the temperatures go down, it's true, but it's still time for loafers.

Do you already have yours?

Come on, to get up a little that spirit I teach you the best of our collection:


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Happy Autumn!

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer