A life full of color and tones!

A life full of color and tones!

All of us, automatically and since we are sooo children, we have a number of favorite colors. Does this happen for some mysterious reason? No. The truth is that we are considerably simple: a lover of the sea, will have fixation by the blue. While the nature lover will lose his head for a green. And we tend to talk about colors in a very generic way, but nothing has to do with a blue sky, with a turquoise blue or a navy blue. Nothing. If you are involved in the world of fashion, graphic design or similar, this will not be anything new for you. Thanks to God, we have companies like Pantone that teach us the exciting world of colors, and on many occasions, we facilitate the task. 15816b760df7d3de8e8ac8bdded77e5f ddd319c94961c1a5b02318a959b7a41a The fact is that from here, from www.tallermocasin.com, we understand the need for the diversity of colors and shades. That's why we work day after day to make your loafers as you imagine them. There are browns and browns… and they have nothing to do with each other! That's why we have a wide range of colors. Ejemplifiquemos with pictures of our men's loafers, blue green Blue (2)wBlue (3)oBlue (6)mBlue (7)Blue (8)aBlue (9)nBlue (10) and bGreen (1)oGreen (2)yGreen (3)Green (4) Brown VBrowns (1)oBrowns (7)iBrowns (9)Browns (10)lBrowns (11)aBrowns (12) Browns (13)WBrowns (14)hat do you think? But that's not all. In the world of fashion, you have to talk about colors, tones and not COMBINATIONS: We have made available to our users a new software in which you will ALL COLORS, and so you can personalize your moccasins. This process is explained in this other post about how to personalize your moccasins.

Are you ready? What are you waiting for?

Give color to your life, give your feet color. You can find me at Haizea@tallermocasin.com

Haizea de Pedro

Creative writer