A classic. Moccasins

A classic. Moccasins

Good morning to all and happy Monday! Today we don't come to talk about sets, not for him or for her. Today we want to put the focus on them, on the moccasins. And not in any, but in the classics.

I dare say the moccasins are more classic than a Madrid-Barsa.

All know that the moccasin is that shoe that is characterized by not having laces or buckles. However, it possesses that thick sole and that skin so caracteríscitca. The story tells that the Moccasins, the real ones, the first ones, were created in America.

300px-Soft _ Moccasin

Wow, how I'd like to see them, touch them. To go back in time to witness the birth of this type of footwear, so unique, so unrepeatable. As you can see, I am a curious person by nature, and I could not bear the desire to see what Wikipedia said about it. To my surprise I found a phrase that claimed to be a male shoe. What? I don't deny that at first it could be. But being honest that's not a reality. It is in the last sentence that they say that fashion has also reached women. Moccasins are for men, women, children, and babies are so pretty that they would even be able to put moccasins on animals. Let's keep talking about our dear classics: As you all know, they are essential wardrobe. As we have shown in other post this type of footwear is adapted from more sport styles to elegant looks, without getting to the label parties where you dress in tuxedo. There is also a loophole in the use of moccasins. There are people who claim to dress them always with socks (and different types of socks), and people who are opted to introduce their bare feet in them. FOR TASTES, MOCCASINS:D And finally, we show you a gallery with our most classic moccasins. And on many occasions, also the best sellers. Voila! 540-900-1 600_Afelpado-Black-Last 600_muestra1 600_P1020215 [1] 3 Bordeaux-+ 900 Camel Beaver-Grande1 DSC03349-900 DSC03357-2