3 reasons to personalize your clothes

3 reasons to personalize your clothes

It is well known that clothing is one more way to communicate. I dare say it is one of the most important channels of communication.

Why? Easy.

Art, business, colorBecause the first impression depends on the clothes. We tend to get an idea of how a certain person is depending on how the first impression was.

That's why we manage so much for the first date or for a job interview, for example.

So far it's all clear, right? We agree on the value of clothing. Starting from this base I will give you three reasons to personalize it:


  1. Choosing yourself the shapes and colors of your dress, you will control that first impression. You'll transmit exactly what you want to convey.

  2. You won't have to adapt to the styles of different brands. That's the end of looking for something that looks like what you want. It's time to create it.

  3. You will be true to yourself: the trends are very good. But who wants to be a copy and paste of society? We all have an essence, a taste that is only found in ourselves.

Because of all this, and because we want to give you exactly what you want, we have created IMAGINE, the way to create the ideal moccasin, the moccasin that you like.

The first software that adapts to your taste, that creates the moccasins that you imagine.

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The right moccasin provides class, elegance, comfort together with a firm and serene step. You don't need to have a job interview or a first date to look good. He bets for you every day of your life.

Design yours today.

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Moccasin Workshop, let's go with you.

Haizea de Pedro


Creative writer